Art is an intimate way of communicating a message, feeling or emotion to others. My goal is to spark a fond memory, inspire an idea or enlighten my viewers of the varied subjects I have chosen to portray. Of ultimate interest to me is that special bond that develops between people, animals, and each other. – Christine

Just installed in Utah!

Just installed in Utah! This project began in 2019 as a request from my clients to illustrate the predator/prey scenario that unfolds in Nature every day. We chose to use whitetail deer and a mountain lion to tell the story. All three bronzes are life-sized.  

River Sprites

Finished just in time, my new clay sculpture titled “River Sprites” will be ready for its public debut in bronze at this year's Sculpture in the Park Show August 6-8 in Loveland, Colorado.  It measures 14.5"H x 8.2"W x 5" deep and celebrates the comeback of river...

Twisted Toad installation in Sioux Falls

We enjoyed perfect weather in Sioux Falls during the installation of "Twisted Toad" for this year's SculptureWalk. Meeting old and new friends was an added plus! This is an enlargement of one of my miniatures by the same name that was designed for a garden setting. 

Curious Cottontail

I am always fascinated and flattered by the attention my patrons give to the placement of my sculpture. This client lives in Minnesota and just received the first casting of "Curious Cottontail". She was so excited that she sent me images of it in her beautiful home....