I just created this bronze for Stamford Hospital in Connecticut who will place it in their school of nursing as a commemorative reminder of their historic nurse’s cap. The two ladies pictured were instrumental in commissioning me for this bronze. The hospital administration surprised them with the delivery and took this candid shot of them opening the shipping box. Below is a touching testimonial from one of the nurses:

OH WOW I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The hospital Foundation asked for a meeting just “to chat” today…… then surprised us with the sculpture!!!!
It was SO exciting and Christine it is just beautiful! The cap is an exact and perfect replica and hands, oh the hands are magnificent!
Your note was lovely and I want to thank you OH so much for being so gracious in working with us…. 
especially because you answered me, a total stranger, who emailed you out of the blue asking you to sculpt for me! It’s really an amazing story and I cannot tell you how proud you’ve made me to know that when I’m long gone the beautiful sculpture memorializing the school of nursing which I loved will lie in the hospital that I have loved for 50 years!
And I am so proud that I’M the one who found you!!  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Christine!!!!

Pat Agostino RN